Carry one another's burdens; in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. 

Gal. 6:2

Prayer Request

If you have a prayer request, please use the form below! You can choose if you would like your request to stay private or be added to our public list, which is seen below.

Below are prayer requests that have been submitted by our congregants. Please pray for these people (and click the "hands" so they know that someone did)!


Please pray for me and my kids we need Devine intervention and miracles


Hi, My father is going in for a gallbladder removal surgery Friday. If you would keep him in your prayers, I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much. God bless.


She has to get a tumor taken out in the breast area of the body


Please pray for Hannah. She will have surgery tomorrow in Indy to remove tumor from her left adrenal gland


My dad just had gallbladder surgery and his recovery is going pretty rough. I ask that we can pray for healing for him. I have also been trying to get him to come to church with us for some time but I think he is embarrassed because he is in a wheelchair. I would like people to pray that god works through that with him and that god brings him to church